Personal Development: This class aides Getting Ahead graduates in building more personal resources and will cover topics such as planning, budgeting, motivation, and health & fitness. This class starts 1/15/13.

Leadership & Service Development: Getting Ahead graduates that participate in this class will learn key leadership skills by creating and completing a community service project of their choice. This class will be a mix of in-class learning and hands-on service in the community. This class will run in the summer of 2013.

Professional Development: This class equips Getting Ahead graduates with soft skills necessary to be successful in the workplace and teaches them how to more effectively build social resources. This class will run in the fall of 2013 and will cover topics such as communication, conflict resolution, and healthy relationships.

Building a Bridge to a Better Community

Empower Portage seeks to equip individuals, families and organizations to overcome the effects of socio-economic adversity by cultivating resources, bridging relationships and promoting respect among the diverse citizens of Portage County.

  • We work with individuals and families to develop a Future Story, which is a road map for personal development
  • We work with businesses and schools to retain under-resourced employees and students
  • We host weekly dinners and workshops to establish and support positive community relationships



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